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Public Training

Public training programs are open to participants from any organization. These participants have the opportunity to concentrate on their learning away from the job and without the pressures of day-to-day work. Participants also benefit from sharing experiences with people from other organizations and gain a new perspective on common problems. This program held in several big city in Indonesia, Jakarta, Bandung, Batam, Bali, Lombok, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, and others, also at overseas. Beside you will get knowledge for our expert also you will get enjoy of our service and its local beautiful city.

Inhouse Training

Inhouse training programs are tailored made program to your company or employee needs.The advantage of in-house program for you :Cost savings with more effective group training, Training times crafted around your schedule, The ability to address specific employee training needs, Reduced travel time with on-site training, Convenience - Programs are delivered at a time, location and pace that fit in with your business schedule, Hand picked trainer/s that fits to your training needs. Also you customized you trainee and your budget with your goals of training.

Outbound Training

OutBound Management Training is one model training program used natural or outdoor medium. The outbound training are very high energy programs for enhancing individual and team performance. Through these programmes skills improvement takes place in the areas of personal development, change and management, motivation, problem solving and decision, communications, motivation and leadership, team work and team building. Corporate outdoor management development training boost organizational performance through experiential learning. The outdoor activities create an effective learning platform and challenge for the individual and the team. The adventure and exercises promote self-discovery and a powerful insight into one's own and teams work styles and behavior. The natural environment and outdoor activities add to the fun quotient of the outdoor training program which help in acceptance and participation and also openness to risk taking, moving out of comfort zones, experimentation, receiving feedback and adapting change in behavior.


Consulting Service to help identify issues and solve problems using a systematic and creative approach. We involvement varies with the nature of the situation and the request of the client. In particular, the assignment may range from ad hoc advice on a particular problem or issue, to the design of comprehensive systems for the client as well as the evaluation and revision of existing systems.After meeting with the client and agreeing the scope of the project, a team of specialized consultants starts working with the client's staff. Together they collect facts and data, which they then analyze using the latest techniques to identify practical solutions. After agreeing on the solutions, they train the client's staff, assist in the implementation and help the client achieve long lasting benefits. The area line issue we provide in Human Resources and Financial Management for Oil and Gas Business such Preparation of WP & B, mentoring through approval process, Preparation of AFE Close Out, Preparation of POD (Plan and Development); and in CSR and Community Development program such as : Study the implementation of CSR-CD; needs assessment,social mapping, conflict management, social auditing,social-economic impact / risk analysis, monitoring andevaluation also reporting of CSR programs